There goes the flash – 2

The first set of photographers on ‘Re-Engineer Yourself’ received some amazing feedback and appreciation. If what came was great, what’s yet to is even better. It is said that the best photographs are the ones that are most memorable. The ones that make you smile. This week, I have a wedding photographer, a travel photographer and a landscapes’ artist re-engineering on ‘There goes the flash’ (Although,  I will be pounded upon a little bit for stereotyping them). Ha-ha. 

My first feature this week is Sobiya Hussain, B.Arch from BMSCE, who is a wedding photographer.

Sobiya Hussain – B.Arch, BMSCE










“I’m an Architect by qualification, but now happy behind the lens and just another example of how architects often branch out into other creative fields. Life is all about happy accidents, and this one has been the happiest.”

Ask her why most professional photographers in India are men, and she’ll tell you it’s because most girls would rather be in front of the lens. On a serious note, Sobiya believes that the nature of the job is a little tedious, with all day-all night shoots and distant locations, and Indian families often think twice before allowing their daughters into the field. But she adds, that especially in wedding photography, brides are comfortable with a female photographer around, and encourages more girls to take up photography seriously. Here are some of Sobiya’s latest captures.






My second feature is a multi-talented engineering student, happily clicking away some glorious photographs.

Amruth Pillai – B.E , Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering 

“I’m a photographer, a writer, a singer, a designer, a developer, a pilot and a liar. I don’t know what I am, and it’s too soon to figure that out anyway, but what I do know is, there are a few things in life that make me happy, and I won’t rest until I keep fulfilling that happiness. Photography happens to be one of those many things. I don’t shoot to get likes nor do I shoot to brag about the places I’ve been to, but instead, I shoot because it gives me a memento of the past. I look at a photograph I shot of my family a long time ago, and it transports me back to that era. This is the closest we’ll ever come to time travel, at least in our generation, and I embrace it whole heartedly.”

And despite being all of those things, Amruth is pursuing his B.E degree. When I asked him about that he says,

“Down to the course, everyone chooses B. E. as a form of Job Security or just because they were forced into it.

It’s a pretty common phrase “Find innovation where you least expect it”. Engineering is supposed to work exactly like that, try to incorporate the things you learn in Engineering with the hobbies you love so passionately, and somewhere in the middle, you will find solace. I still hate VTU though, to the core 😛 “

Here are some of Amruth’s photographs. Let’s see if they transport you, as they do him.

Day 1   Day 3 September IMG_3869 IMG_7641 IMG_9603

And my third feature today is Abhishek Bhat, a simple boy when you talk to him, and a magician behind the lens.

Abhishek Bhat – Mech. Engineering Student, BNMIT 

“I’m a student of mechanical engineering studying in 6th semester at BNMIT.Been doing photography since last year and  capturing moments through my canon 600D.For me Photography is a very strong medium to educate people about the problems faced in the society today. When you actually enjoy doing photography, you start looking at things from a different perspective. Also things have progressed so much that there’s a great online platform to learn photography and showcase your talent.To wrap it up,always do what you like and like what you do.”

These are some of the many amazing pictures he has clicked in the last year.

IMG_0748-1-1 IMG_1998-1-1 IMG_3728-1 IMG_5198-1-2-1 IMG_8507-1

To get in touch with any of these guys, leave a message  at and remember, it’s never too late to Re-Engineer!

Next week, we explore a very personal story of a boy and his ways, with ‘Re-Engineering Sexuality’. Stay tuned! 🙂



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  1. abhishekori says:

    Love that picture of Crackers and children! Keep it awesome Amruth!


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