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“Photography is the only language that everyone in the world understands.”

Six people. Six different backgrounds. Six different dreams. The only thing common between them all, is that they all did their under-graduation in one main stream field. This feature on Re-Engineer Yourself is about six young upcoming photographers, and why photography has been their passion, and not their degree. Some of the pictures they’ve clicked will leave you wondering how it’s possible for someone without a formal education in photography to produce such work.

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These guys told me what they think of their mainstream education, and what photography means to them, and instead of featuring just one of them or making six different articles, it just seemed right to fit them all together right here.

Tejas Korwar – B.E Student, BNMIT

Ask a mechanical engineering student what he thinks of his course, he says,

“I’m a clueless engineer to be honest. Honestly, I took up engineering for the heck of it. During the course , I also discovered that photography interests me a lot. It’s a medium through which I can convey my thoughts.”

Tejas plans on including photography in engineering and says the combination actually works for him! Here’s some of his work.

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My next feature has everything going for him except his grades. He is quite amazing both in front of the camera and behind it, you’ll know when you look at him. 🙂

Sandesh Aras – B.E Student, RVCE.

Focusing more on the message in his photographs than their appeal, Sandesh is the kind of photographer that’ll sit under a dripping tap for hours on end just to get that one shot right. He tells stories like me, through his photographs. Here’s how.

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A Mechanical Engineering student from BMS, now doing his masters in Utah. My third feature here, has his dream project ‘Explore.Dream.Discover’ unfolding through photographs. This globetrotter/travel-photographer will make you feel like You travelled.

Rohan Srinivas – Mechanical Engineering P.G Student, Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Utah.

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In an age where people are living life through their phone/computer screens, these guys click pictures that put a smile on our faces. Next time on Re-Engineer Yourself, three other young students re-engineer with photography. Stay tuned! 🙂



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