Re-Engineering Education

They  joined Computer Science Engineering because they wanted to become Computer Science Engineers. Period. They are not like my other features, forced into B.E and interested in something else. They are not complaining about the monotony of the Indian Education System. They are not waiting for someone to pass a bill or protest against the system. These boys take matters into their own hands.

“Instead of ranting against Engineering, it’s time something is done about it. What we could do is make an atmosphere where knowledge is respected and not the degree certificate.” – Chirantan Mahipal 
vote appeal
Ankit Agarwal and Chirantan Mahipal – Re-Engineering Indian Education
Two students like me and you, have taken the B.E course to a level higher than internals and unoriginal projects. One boy who lived in Kota and tried to make it into the IITs, and another who was fascinated with Computers since he was five.
Here’s what they have to say ,
“We are Ankit Agarwal and Chirantan Mahipal, students of VI Semester Information Science & Engineering Dept. at BMSCE are selected among more than 4000 teams to represent India at the InnovatorsRace, an International Tech Competition by Capgemini.
In the penultimate leg of the competition, we are required to garner support in the form of social media voting which is going to be held from 14th to 21st of March, 2016 for our proposed e-learning platform, one that is able to deal with the cultural and economic diversity of our nation. The most interesting consequence of this would be the opportunity to present a blueprint to the global CEO of Capgemini in Paris. So we sincerely urge to please follow the competition on CNN International and and support us through to make the dream of well-educated and Digital India a reality.”
Poster - Innovator's Race
 They are counting on your kind support through votes.
Teams from Brazil, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom and the U.S are competing to win. And believe it or not, Ankit and Chirantan are competing not jut to win, but because they want to bring change in Indian education. Here’s why,
Innovators Race was something I heard from Ankit where ‘Capgemini’ along with ‘Reliance Jio’ was providing a platform to students to suggest a way to change the system of education in our country from the very foundation using technology. Initially it seemed to be just any other competition being held as a CSR activity to bring about some “innovation” at the end of which the idea would be shelved. But this seemed different. As they aren’t making it generic by saying “innovate something” they have a very decisive goal in mind. They are aware to what level can a team of students get an idea to shape and how exactly to take it further. They are interested in launching the end product! And the theme is education, which is the most important topic.
It was almost when they were giving up on B.E that Innovator’s Race came to them.
” I’m 20! I have been attending classes for 15 freaking years, and not 10 percent of it is useful to me.  I hope to build a platform where people are able to find their interests and excel in it rather than just following the blind or taking the safe bet(IS, CS -B.E , MBA!!). Where engineering doesn’t serve as the stepping stone to something else but rather becomes the destination. A platform where you could learn from pottery to Artificial Intelligence. A platform which doesn’t differentiate between a Rahul Gandhi and a Rohit Vemula, a platform which is equally accessible to all to lead to an India where Good Education isn’t a privilege rather a right.” – Chirantan Mahipal
Finally here’s someone who doesn’t want to figure out life after wasting four years for just a degree. The perfect definition of re-engineering is here, and you can help this cause by clicking on a link. Vote for Ankit and Chirantan here,
You reading this article or me writing it, will Not Re-Engineer India. What will, is if this learning platform comes to life. Get voting and soon! If there’s one thing we Indians are good at, it’s rooting for our nation. 🙂

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  1. AKRIT AGARWAL says:

    Hey bro dnt mind but this is really something funny… Ur innovation is to provide education on a digital platform so it will b easy for all the class of society to access it… Ur idea for rural place is to provide education on a platform which requires minimum internet connection… Bro our villages dont have electricty itself how they will get d benefit n access ur innovation.. N hope u providing this in a rural area where u knw the network is mot good at all so it means that the village is very remote or so.. Then it means ppl leaving are not sure that will they b able to get money for der dinner then how can u think of that ppl will b able to access ur digital
    Still ur thought is good
    Congratulation hope u rock the show as u said in ur youtube video👍😊


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