The Capture

 The stories Re-Engineer Yourself is receiving are leaving me speechless. The number of people out there, stuck in mainstream lives, unwillingly going through desk jobs and pointlessly studying subjects they don’get, will leave you speechless too. And while most of these people join such courses because they don’t want to take risks, one story caught my eye. If you aren’t smiling by the end of this one, well, please see a therapist.

Engineering at-least in Karnataka is an extension of school. I feel like I’m doing my 13th, 14th, 15th grades. Ha-ha.  The only value addition that has happened over the past three years is, I’ve learnt how to analyse and predict questions based on previous year papers and study them a night before exams. 

Engineering has killed the engineer in me, and has replaced him with a photo copier.

This was his first response when I asked him what he thinks of the course he is studying. And I can’t deny it, every word he has said there is true. Pranav Kaushik is a mechanical engineering student and he joined the B.E course not because he wanted to have a ‘safe-secure’ life, not because his parents forced him to, and not even because everyone else seemed to be taking it up.

 I took up engineering  because I want to join the armed forces. I couldn’t get through combat because I’m colour blind. So I thought I could join as an engineer.

My third feature on Re-engineer Yourself is that of a dare devil colour blind boy. When you really want something, and your plan to achieve it fails, it is human tendency to try another way. How many times have you used ten different pick up lines to finally get a date with someone? Tried multiple short-cuts so you can reach that first class on time? That’s what he did too.

And when you take a step towards your dream, and it only takes you farther away from it, you begin to feel captured.

But there are some people who just don’t give up.

Pranav Kaushik – Travel Photographer by choice, B.E by error 🙂

He now captures beautiful imagery and that liberates him. It probably makes him feel less captured in his daily life which definitely needed some colour. Here are some of his latest pictures, since it’s time we opened up to amateur creativity.

Siberian Husky pup1508095_10207834686850292_717630466267018871_ndragan effectDSC_0774DSC_0795

You can get in touch with Pranav at and remember, it’s never too late to re-engineer 😉


One Comment Add yours

  1. SKV Prasad says:

    As they say ” Dare to be different today allow you to become Extra ordinary tomorrow”…. He is one of those rare species…..


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