The Dramatic Engineer

Everybody is an artist. A doodle, a twist on a recipe, grooving to music, writing an essay, making up a love song for valentine’s day, thinking of a good lie, it’s all art. And so is engineering.

Engineering is arguably the most intricate art there is. Thinking of a product or a process or a program, that is new, unique, and useful, and it’s makes mine and your lives easier. That’s art with a purpose! So all of you who are made to feel you are boring because you want to be an ‘engineer’, remember you are probably the most creative people ever.

But, but but but, there’s a catch. There’s always a catch. Engineering is about innovation, creativity, science. And the number of B.E students who hear these words in their classrooms everyday will not be more than a handful. An average B.E student in India, spends four years, writing thirty-two exams, memorising forty-eight textbooks, and if he doesn’t manage to pass in one attempt, a few times over.

It’s not an easy course. We all know it.

Take a moment to remember, during twelfth boards, your parents/teacher/tuition-teacher telling you, ‘Just this one entrance exam, beta, then your life is set’. Okay now, hi again!

Life set yet?

After all this peril, if you are finally going to achieve your goals, fulfil your dreams, then Yes. But think, why would someone who doesn’t want to be an Engineer, go through all this trouble? Why would a girl with killer ‘Yakshagaana’ moves sit in a medical electronics engineering classroom everyday?

That brings me to my Second Feature on Re-Engineer Yourself.

Ask her why she decided to do engineering, she says, ‘It’s mostly because I love science and this was a safe option. (as instilled in us by our peers and older generations).’

Three years ago, a girl and her parents decided to spend over 1,00,000 rupees a year, so she could study science and play it safe. And somewhere a little outside this safety net, she found her love.

Anusha R Chandra – Yakshagaana artist by choice, B.E by default 🙂



The dramatic engineer , in form


If you want to get in touch with Anusha, or have similar interests, click here :  ‘AskAshi Facebook Page‘,   leave a message, and your word will reach her.

I’m not against a mainstream course, but I am against studying these courses just because we want to play it safe. I’ve learnt this the hard way,

No one ever achieved greatness, by playing it safe. 



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