Re-engineer Yourself

Hey reader, long time no see.


Over the last one month I have been able to travel around Europe and as you know, collecting stories is my favourite past time. But, on this trip, I realised a few things. I have cousins drawing six figure salaries every month in different MNCs, and they say, ‘Ashi, even if its a job that pays you half as much, it’s fine!’ Just do what you are truly passionate about!

When you get to interact with students from FSU, Dillard, Zhejiang University, Rhode and so on, you realise that there is a ghost hovering over India. Or may be a cloud that is impairing our judgement. This ghost is called ‘Engineering‘.

I was offered a media intern-ship in Mumbai recently, and my college management said, ‘As per the rule book we cannot accommodate a media intern-ship in your engineering curriculum. We can’t give you ‘attendance’.’ One of my friends made a status update recently, it reads, VT-EWW. #punIntended

My friends from Dillard in New Orleans tell me that there is no such thing as a main-stream course where they study. Is it just us? How many more generations have to perish before we realise that studying a B.E or a B.Tech is the not the only way to be successful in our country?

Type Engineering College Memes on Google. You’ll know what I mean.

But, there are some out there, who were born to build things. Who were born to construct, who were born to design, who were born to ‘engineer’. And those lucky few are the ones who will end up becoming employable. The rest of us, who want to finish this course and then figure out our lives, we should bid adieu to our early twenties.

When I was in my first year B.E, I used to do some anchoring/emceeing in college. A senior referred me to some event management company, and today, I’m doing events all over the city.

Moral of the story being, I am starting a new project called, ‘Re-engineer Yourself’, which will feature Your talent, especially, if your talent is say, acting and you are stuck in a Computer Science class. Ha-ha. Who knows, may be by word of mouth, or through my blog, you will find opportunities that are in your area of talent.

For my first feature, I have someone who has always been a 7.something GPA girl, but her paintings will tell you that if she was in an arts college, she would have left everyone behind. Here is some of her work ๐Ÿ™‚

Meghana Raju – Artist by choice, B.E by fault ๐Ÿ™‚ย 


If you like Meghana’s work and want to get in touch with her, leave a message at theย AskAshi facebook pageย and your word will reach her! ๐Ÿ™‚

More features coming soon, until then, live a little, your GPA is not your life sentence.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Rajeev Shreenidhi says:

    Good piece of artwork. You need to decide on what your heart says. Still even after Engineering there s lot s to go on. Wish her success.


  2. Vani H S says:

    Hi Meghana,

    Superb paintings. Engineering is just a foundation to your career. Build your future on that the way you like. Wait for your time. Opportunities will knock your door.
    Wishing you a bright future.


  3. Vani H S says:

    Hi Meghana

    Superb paintings. Take engineering as your basic degree. Build your career in your area of interest. Wait for your time. Opportunities knock your door.
    Have a bright future.


  4. Mahnaaz says:

    Magie!! Go after your dream! Ur an amazing artist!!


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