Does Time Turn?

In the past, there has been startling evidence of turning time around. There was a time when Britain had in effect a ‘Daylight Saving Bill’ , and a time during World War II when the clocks were turned forward to ensure everyone’s safety. Man has tried to alter time for a very long time now. But then again, turning around a clock needle is no where close to turning around time. How often have we heard people say, ‘It’s just wrong timing!’ ?!

And when I think about wrong timing, only one name comes to mind.

For eleven years, day after day, he woke up to the same line. His mother screaming, ‘Wake up, you worthless piece of shit!’ and his days would pass with an extensive usage of words like ‘useless’,’untalented’ and so on. A typical case of lazy boy syndrome. But there was one thing he looked forward to everyday. Before he went to bed every night, he’d receive a text message. And it’d always say, ‘You are the kind of guy that becomes a millionaire overnight.’ Now to a guy who believed his time was not right, a guy who had the tendency to blame ‘time’ for all his shortcomings , this did not make any sense. But the messages did not stop and his life didn’t change.

People always say, the only true key to self-improvement is self-realisation. One day when our protagonist was on his way back home, he met a homeless guy. For some strange reason, he felt like he was looking into a mirror. The only difference between him and the homeless guy was that he had a roof over his head. It took him a year to figure out what he was passionate about, another to do something about it. Every night, the same message and every morning that followed, the same rejection from the world. But when things began to pick up pace, he felt more confident. He felt more accepted. Nobody had as much as noticed him until now, and the ones who did, only said, ‘Good times ahead, bro.’

He now understood what it meant to turn time around. He knew,

The only thing worse than doing something wrong is regretting never having done it. 

He knew all he had to do was begin. He bought a one way ticket to a competition abroad and there was no stopping him.

It’s been three months, and nobody’s heard from him. He’s out there somewhere living his dreams, a blurry image here and there. In a few days, he’s facing what’s probably the most important interview of his life.

What happened to him was the most ordinary thing in the world, an unproductive life that turned into a success story. Everybody knows that theory. I could have told him to improve, to be optimistic, to get serious about life. I still send that message once in a while. May be he never needed it, or may be it’s what changed his life. When you read or hear about someone like this, all you want to do is sit them down and put some sense into them. Help them in every way you possibly can. But then again,

Sometimes you have to do all you should, not all you could. 


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