No Bucks to Give

He is tall.

That’s the first thing anyone would notice about him. I did a play with him in school once, and we have gone about our own lives after that. He is not at all hard on the eyes, and is funny in a child’s way. His mind is like a Diwali evening, fire crackers all the time. In one year, he has had multiple ideas for different start-ups and all of them have tanked. He has thirteen business apps on his phone. I just had to know why. What is it about chasing money that keeps people more motivated than anything else in the world? Is entrepreneurship another name for ‘I want to become a millionaire overnight’?

A couple of beers and he began to talk. And oh my god, how.

“Our college fest was to happen in a month and the management dropped a bomb on us. They had no money. That was the first time I googled the words ‘sponsorship’ and ‘investment’. My mind began to work in a hundred different angles and I was convincing and manipulating every company I could find to invest in a small-scale college youth festival. I made them look at average students who flunk pre-boards as the future of this country. Within no time, I had raised five lakh rupees. And that was when I first heard it,

“You’ll make a fine businessman.”

I always fear that if I tell too many people about my idea, it’ll get jinxed. So for months, I researched about every billionaire in the last century. How they began, what they were after, and where they ended up. I have nearly thirty good ideas for a business, and I fail to execute them every time I try. I’m waiting for that one big idea that’ll take me home. But what I’ve realised is, everybody gets into the business world for the wrong reasons. It’s not about the money.

Money is like the participation certificate given for success. Business is philanthropy in its own way. I for one want to use business to change lives. Does that make me cheeky? I got no … ( slaps his mouth for uttering you know what )  well, I got no ‘bucks’ to give. I have seen friends, not taking risks, making tiny profits and going home with the ‘pocket money’ they earned. I want to build a mansion for myself, and at least, put a roof on poor people’s heads. I want to retire at forty and chill in Malibu, and at least,  generate employment for a thousand people. I want to make a lot of money, and for all the right reasons. I’m not here to make pocket money. I’m here to make a life. For myself, and for several other people.

And trust me, you only need to get it right once. Just the one freaking time.

My parents ask me all the time, where are your savings? When are you planning to settle down? What will you do if disaster strikes? I tell them what they want to hear. I get a decent GPA, I prepare for competitive exams, but the back of my mind is like  Al Pacino’s Godfather trilogy. I always go all in.

And the only thing I’ve put aside for a rainy day, is an umbrella.

I can’t wait to meet this boy after a decade. Chasing something. That’s all he is doing right now. And he is so sure it’ll all be worth it. That’s what makes him stand so tall. The thrill of the chase. 

The end. 



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